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Jewelry Myths

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

The mystery, beauty, value and stories that follow certain famous gems add a legendary quality to their existence. Here are a few commonly understood facts that are actually myths, or are they?

1. As probably the best-known gemstone in the world, the Hope Diamond is followed by a number of myths and legends. After passing through many hands, it was donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 1962. It has been known as the largest diamond in the world, the most valuable diamond in the world and as a flawless stone. None of this is true. It is listed as a fancy blue gray diamond in color and a VS1 in clarity. A number of diamonds are larger, worth more and more flawless.

2. Some say that color is far more important than clarity, especially in the fancy colored diamonds. Color, cut, clarity and carat are all important no matter what the color is.

3. The Cullinan diamond is the world s largest cut diamond. The Golden Jubilee diamond at 545.67 carats is larger than the Cullinan s 530.2 carats.

4. Diamonds are the most valuable stones in the world. This is definitely a highly debated point. Some say Emeralds are the most expensive and others say it is Alexandrite. The .95-carat Hancock Red diamond holds the record at $926,000.

5. Pearls come only from pearl oysters. The Smithsonian has the Christopher Walling pearl, which weighs 187.5 carats. It is an abalone pearl. Mussels also make pearls.

6. Diamonds are the most rare stones in the world. Many stones, such as Alexandrite, are more rare. De Beers controls the release of diamonds to keep them expensive.

7. Birthstones are just something members of the jewelry industry concocted to create a market for their wares. Actually several systems of stones have been developed over many centuries. The American National Association of jewelers created the current most commonly used list in 1912. It lists faceted stones exclusively, and is said to have been created to make Mother s Rings look better. The Mystical list of stones was created in Tibet in the first millennium and the Traditional birthstone list was created in the sixteenth century.

8. Pearls dissolve in vinegar. Legend has it that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in vinegar to impress Marc Anthony with consuming the most expensive meal. This appears to be a matter of debate. The US Department of Energy Newton website for science teachers says that it is theoretically possible for this to happen because of the composition of pearls and the acidic properties of vinegar, but the size of the stone and acidity of the vinegar would affect the time it would take.

How to Find the Absolute Best Place to Buy Diamonds

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

The best way to go about this overwhelming task is firstly to educate yourself on how to buy a diamond. Diamonds are graded into categories according to certain elements. These include factors like the color of the diamond, the clarity, the cut and of course the carat weight. All of these factors and elements can either add or detract from the value of the stone.

Once you have decided what type of diamond you are looking for, you can begin to search for the best place to buy diamonds. The internet is full of wonderful information and many people are shopping online for everything nowadays, diamonds are no exception. You might just be surprised by how many online diamond retailers you will find! This number is increasing exponentially year-on-year and this provides competition. As you know competition helps to reduce prices on all items drastically, hence making this method of online shopping extremely feasible for the consumer.

The other benefit of buying diamonds online is that online stores normally have a wider selection to choose from. You could very easily find a unique diamond for sale, order this new found gem with just a few clicks of the mouse and your purchase will often be shipped out within a couple of days, if not the very same day. You may also want to consider buying loose diamonds and having a ring customized to your liking. This can add considerable value to your diamond, especially if designed by a reputable online store.

Some people however prefer the concept of conventional shopping in person and would rather use this method to select their best place to buy diamonds. Shopping at your local jewelry store does allow you to see physically what diamond you are buying, it also allows you to take advantage of the expertise of the sales person and to get your questions answered immediately, but bear in mind that these advantages accompany a higher price tag on the item they are selling. Although it is easier to get the ring sized correctly by shopping in person as many smaller jewelry stores do offer customized rings, the inventory they carry is never comparable to what is customarily offered online hence leaving you with a narrow selection to choose from.

Your choices for the best place to buy diamonds will undoubtedly vary depending on your personal preference. Whatever you choose, whether to shop online or conventionally, you will always end up with the perfect diamond for any occasion.