Luxury Concierge Services For Your Wedding

You wish for more hours a day or wish you could have clones so you could multi-task. Is this you? Fret not, a concierge service steps in here as your extra set of hands. It doesn’t matter what size the task is, concierge services have trained staff to tackle just about anything efficiently.

Everyday Matters: Don’t worry about mundane details like paying bills anymore. The concierge services will pay everything from your electricity and phone bills to filing your tax returns. They are also equipped to keep your vital documents in order like your passport and marriage certificate.

Shopping: If you need clothes but hate shopping or just don’t have the time to do so, they can get a personal shopper to build your honeymoon wardrobe while you can personally attend to your wedding attire.

Beauty & Health: They can book you for a spa treatment or get an excellent beautician who excels at wedding grooming. They can also fix appointments with doctors so that your health is in top form in time for your wedding.

Helping Hands

Come wedding time, guests are always in and out of your home. A concierge service can send you extra help to clean and cook, or a chauffeur to drive you around on your many errands and invitation distribution if you like to do it personally.

Honeymoon Hints: They can suggest the best honeymoon locations, sights to see, the trendiest and most romantic hotels or resorts to stay in anywhere in the world.

Hotel Booking: They won’t just suggest where to go for your honeymoon, they will also book the rooms and make sure you receive a great welcome. You might have many guests coming from out of town for your wedding. Again, a concierge service can ensure that they are accommodated in good hotels.

Gifts: It is a done thing in most Indian weddings to gift a little something for all the guests who attend your wedding. While you might prefer to buy gifts to your close ones personally, you can’t attend to every single guest. They can suggest gifts and once you select an appropriate gift, they will buy them in bulk and gift-wrap them in time for d-day.

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