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Tips For Saving On Back-To-School Shopping

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Back-to-school shopping for the various school supplies can be a challenging task for parents because their children always want the latestschool supplies. And so they have to a pay a premium for such products. This payment also makes them dizzy. Therefore, it is good to know how to be thrifty on back-to-school shopping. And the following tips for saving are mentioned to help you.

Look For Back-To-School Sales

One of the best ways to save money is to shop for school supplies is at back-to-school sales. Many stores have sales on school supplies during the week or so before the new school year begins. Many items on your child’s back-to-school supply list will be offered at discounted prices during these sales. You should take the opportunity to stock up on school supplies that you know your child will need more of over the school year such as pens, pencils, paper, and other items.

Look For Bargains On Ebay

You will probably end up spending the most on items such as clothing and schoolbags when buying all the items on your child’s back-to-school supply list. One of the best and easiest ways to be thrifty when doing so is to buy such items from, the well-known auction site. On the site, you will find an enormous selection of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories both used and new. Remember to do your shopping early, however, as the items have to be shipped to you and will take some time to arrive.

Leave Your Child At Home When Shopping

One of the best ways to stop yourself from spending more money than necessary on back-to-school supplies is to shop without your child. Brining your child along turns what might have been a fast and easy shopping trip into one that has your child clinging to you and begging for the latest designs and fashions. Instead of dealing with all that hassle, simply bring along your child’s back-to-school supply list, and tick each item off one by one. This way, you get your shopping done fast and you are able to exercise thriftiness by buying only necessary items.

Simple Is Best

Children love any item with their favorite television or cartoon character printed on it. These items are everywhere and are part of merchandising schemes meant to get parents to pay more for items that would cost a lot less without the decorations. In order to remain thrifty while buying your child’s school supplies, you should avoid buying such merchandise.

Style Without The Brand

A few decades ago, products under the brand name of Lisa Frank were being offered in stores. Lisa Frank was what is known as an “off brand” – their products were popular and fashionable but remained affordable. Many parents who are buying school supplies for their children now still remember that brand well. Now, however, Lisa Frank items are considerably more expensive and are considered “in fashion”. This just shows that items need not be expensive to be fun and stylish. Keep this in mind as you procure your child’s school supplies, and avoid paying premiums for branded items when there are other items that are just as fashionable and of the same quality. This will help you stay thrifty as you do your back-to-school shopping.

With these guides, to save money as you complete your shopping for your child’s back-to-school supplies is not so hard for you any longer. You simply have to consider what you buy carefully.