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Halloween Weddings

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Halloween is a pretty easy theme to use for your wedding because it has such strong pre-existing associations. It is also a holiday that is enjoyed by both kids and adults (as well as adults who feel like kids inside!). If you are having a Halloween wedding, it helps not to take yourself too seriously, but that does not mean that the event cannot be arranged to be elegant and sophisticated.

Décor is really the place to start for a Halloween wedding. Forget crepe paper streamers and bobbing for apples, though, as they are not grown-up enough for a wedding. The cornerstone of your Halloween wedding decorations will most likely be jack-o’-lanterns. They can be carved to reflect your personal taste – traditional scary faces, fall scenes, or even monogrammed. If you know someone who is a very talented pumpkin carver, it would be awesome to have jack-o’-lanterns carved to look like the bride and groom.

Of course, candy is everyone’s favorite thing about Halloween. Naturally, you will want sweets to play a central role in a Halloween reception. Set up a table dedicated to candy and other seasonal confections like caramel apples, fudge, and popcorn balls. Present them in an elegant way, such as tall glass cylinders filled with colorful candies, and beautiful trays for the apples.

Having a Halloween wedding does not mean that your entire wedding must be done in orange and black. In fact, it would be more sophisticated to introduce some of the other autumn colors, like rich golds and deep reds. The rich red tones would work very well for your bridesmaid dresses for a Halloween wedding. Compliment them with bridesmaid jewelry sets made from sparkling burgundy Swarovksi crystals. Or, you could dress your attendants in an orangy-gold silk dupioni, accented with warm earth toned pearls in the bridesmaid jewelry sets. Just avoid anything in bright safety orange if you want your bridesmaids to speak to you after the wedding!

To costume or not to costume, that is the question. Because a marriage is a serious occasion, no matter how light-hearted the participants, I would not advise being married in a costume. Your ceremony does not have to be stuffy or formal, but it should still be dignified. That said, if the bride and groom have a passion for Halloween, a quick change act after the ceremony might be what is called for. When the newlyweds are announced as the enter the reception for the first time, it could be really fun to do so in costume. Choose something romantic, like a pair of famous lovers. Another approach would be to stay in the wedding gown and suit, but slip on elaborate masks for the grand entry to the party. That would allow you to have the best of both worlds.

When choosing your wedding theme, be sure that it is not one that you will look back on with embarrassment. In other words, if you Halloween has always been your favorite holiday, by all means select it as your wedding date. Just take care to approach it from a sophisticated perspective, worthy of an occasion as special as your marriage.

Necessary Notes When Shopping For Diamonds

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Diamond with the clarity and remarkable sparkle is so beautiful against all other jewels. The beauty has never been reproduced in any other gem. Diamonds can be cut in similar fashions, each and every diamond is still unique. So many people desire to find a diamond that will forever be theirs, unique and treasured. Keeping in mind the following notes when shopping for diamonds so that you can find your unique one.

When shopping for a diamond there are a few things to keep in mind so you will not be deceived and will find the diamond that is as unique as the person who will own it. Many diamonds are cut in similar ways but they remain individual and when you find the one you like best you will have a treasure to pass on for generations.

When choosing a diamond you should look for clarity, light reflection, carat amount, and cut. These things are often what determine the diamonds price and value. Diamonds are often slightly colored due to the elements in the ground when the diamonds are forming. This is perfectly normal and just adds a slight bit of color, generally yellow or blue when observed closely. Perfect colorless diamonds are the most unique diamonds and therefore the most expensive, however they are also the most exquisite.

The physical weight of the diamond is measured in carats. The higher the size and number of the carat determines the size and weight of the diamond. The price is often determined by amount of carats but not always. The large diamonds are not necessarily the most beautiful; this is as unique as the person the diamond is intended for.

The way the diamond is cut and finished is also important to the way the diamond is valued both in price and sentiment. Having a diamond cut to certain specifics is occasionally done for original pieces of jewelry. This will also determine the clarity and light reflection. The amount of polishing and shaping will cause a diamond to become either clearer or may actually damage the diamond by scratching and or cracking. However the flaws are another part that may add to the value and originality of your diamond.

Shopping for a diamond should be an interesting experience, you will have a chance to contemplate rich beauty of various peaces of diamonds. Furthermore, you have a variety of choices of your diamond item. However, to find the unique diamond suited to your personal taste, just need to remember the notes above.